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Why I Am “Frazzled Mom”

May 20, 2013

Why did I choose the name “Diary of a Frazzled Mom” for my blog? I would prefer a blog name that draws people in by the peacefulness of the title. I read blogs at Shalom Mama, Sanoma Garden, and Deliciously Organic. I get updates from The Organic Mom, Thank Your Body, The Village Green and others who guide me along my way. They sound so peaceful and inviting. I love The Hobbit and wondered about: “There and Back Again.” But with each try, my name was taken at Word Press. I settled on “Get Real”. Taken. “Keep it real”? Nope. Any variation thereof? Not a chance! “Diary of a Frazzled Mom.” Ding! Ding! Ding! No one had taken that one!

To be real, I am frazzled. And I imagine that many others are as well. So, “Diary of a Frazzled Mom” it is. And my facebook page: Frazzled Mom.

I have four amazing kids, ages nine to twenty-two! This month, our oldest graduated from college and went to Jakarta, Singapore and Malaysia for a tour; daughter number two completed her freshman year of college, moved home for the summer and is in Legally Blonde the Musical at our community theatre; daughter number three finished up elementary school and prepares for middle school; and our youngest finished third grade. We’ve been to concerts, musicals, plays, field trips, muffins with mom and doughnuts with dad (where I make our own muffins to take), Cub Scout crossover and graduations. I made lunches every day, sent substitute treats for all the parties and activities (and there are many at the end of year), and made the two plus hour trip for concerts and shows at the college. It’s been a frazzling month! And now, school is out, and it’s about to get even more frazzling!

In the past four and a half years (that’s how long we’ve been family of six), we’ve taken cross country vacations to New York (NJ, IN, St. Louis, KC), California (twice), Seattle (with a stop at the Tetons for a swim in Jenny Lake and a hike), New Mexico, and Colorado with other shorter trips to visit grandparents. Six of us in a van. The latest trips to Colorado, New Mexico and California with a dog! We’ve had two graduations from high school, one from preschool, one from kindergarten, one from college and one from elementary school. In addition to numerous symphony, vocal, orchestra, strings and band concerts and plays, musicals, volleyball games, swim lessons and more. That might give some insight to reasons for my frazzled nature!

In the past two years we have abandoned all artificial flavors, dyes, fragrances. (I explain why we started the journey in The Boy’s Very Bad Day.) I have learned to make my own toothpaste, deodorant, lotion, lip balm, blush and bronzer. (I can’t wait to share my favorite recipes with you!) We planted a garden this spring. I’m also learning about soaking and fermenting grains to make them more easily digestible, so I’m making sourdough bread on a regular basis now as well. All of these journeys are a bit frazzling!

I wish I could say I’m in a routine and it’s getting easier. But I just keep discovering new things to add to our life style. What can I say? I’m frazzled.

How do I survive this frazzling life? By the grace of God! Daily time to read, journal, reflect and pray. Sabbath time with my spouse to connect with God and each other and to remember why we like each other. Supportive family and friends who lift us up in prayer. Walks with my children and my dog. Stories with my kids. Listening to the birds and to music. Enjoying the tastes and smells of the new real food that I make. I get excited when I find a new DIY recipe that I’ve been looking for, or solutions to a gardening problem I’ve been wondering about. I’m eager to lend a hand, a recipe, a discovery to another frazzled one along the journey. I like the results… the increasing sustainability of our lifestyle… the increased gentleness with God’s creation… the improved behavior and health in my family. In the end, this frazzled life does bring increased peace.

Mother’s Day was peaceful. The following day, with only four days left in the school year, I had clothes hanging out to dry, walked kids to school, struggled with sourdough recipes, sewed on patches for the Cub Scout crossover, needed to shower and prepare supper before fifth grade honor night, with only a few days left to make lotion, lip balm, laundry detergent and deodorant while they were still in school. Frazzling!

I also paused for coffee with my 18 year old and husband, looked at pictures posted from Jakarta, Indonesia and Malaysia from my 22 year old, threw sticks for the dog while hanging clothes, watched some YouTube musicals with my daughter and teared up in gratitude at the Cub Scout cross over and Fifth Grade Honor Night thinking of how far my four kiddos have come. In spite of, and in the midst of, my frazzled-ness, God is working miracles. I’m ever so grateful!

Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you,and learn from me; for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. Matthew 11:28-29


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