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My Frazzled Summer

November 4, 2013

My frazzled summer didn’t include blogging! Sorry I didn’t share my frazzling stories!

We rented a plot in a community garden only to have it tilled under by a “garden cop” about the time our produce really started coming on. Sigh. We lost beans, cucumbers, zucchini, kale, pumpkins, popcorn, calendula. That doubled my efforts to move gardening to my own back yard (and front and sides).

Our oldest graduated from college, traveled to Asia, returned home for a month and then set off to her first “real” job. Daughter number two was in Legally Blonde. We took our family of six plus our dog to Florida before daughter #1 set off to her new job, daughter #2 headed back to college, daughter #3 started middle school and son started 4th grade. Oh, and I started a part-time ministry this summer.

I learned a great deal this summer. I learned that I could hang out clothes before work and have them dry when I got home. I learned my kids’ clothes stretched when they didn’t go through the dryer and that I need to add some essential oils to my homemade laundry soap to get a better smell in my clean clothes! I learned I could survive without a dryer but that I really prefer having the option.

I learned that my four kids and dog can make it to Florida without killing one another and that we can still have a fun family vacation even with all the different ages. I learned that having a Whole Foods around the corner from my hotel helps a great deal when in a hotel with only a microwave and mini fridge for a week. I learned that Universal Studios is generous in allowing parents to bring in special foods for special dietary needs and that they have some not-all-that-bad food options in the park(although not GMO-free). We discovered a really cool dog beach.

I learned that I can stick seeds in the ground and things really do grow! I learned to make kale chips. I learned I love fresh spinach in lots of things. I learned that most people in a community garden are lovely and generous and kind. And, I learned that one person can do a lot of damage. I gained some confidence to move my garden home.

I learned that my family is willing to pitch in because they like to see me happy. I’m thankful for my oldest daughters’ help with younger siblings this summer. I’m thankful for my youngest children’s help with gardening this summer. I’m impressed by my family’s adaptability as we continue on this frazzled journey that reaches into every aspect of our lives.

I learned that it’s hard to keep a blog, garden, job and have four kids and a dog at home. But I’m feeling reflective as we come upon the fifth anniversary of our frazzled journey as a family of six. And I feel the urge to write. Five years ago today, I was a frazzled mom of two. That was all about to change! I could not have imagined the frazzled journey we were about to take!


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  1. What did you learn about organic living this summer?

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