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Time Flies When You’re Living Life

January 26, 2015
Side yard garden

Side yard garden

I haven’t blogged in over a year. I started working part time, gardening more, and trying to keep up with four children in various stages of life. But I need to write again. Because there are others like me doing your best to get through the challenges life throws your way and it’s just nice to know some frazzled mom is out there struggling as well. And making it! Maybe, not all that gracefully. But making it!

I never said my garden is pretty! Or that my mornings getting my children off to school are pretty! Or that my house or lawn or hair is pretty. But I find the food from my garden miraculous! And my children are pretty amazing. I love my new part time job that gets me out of my house and connects me with other very human and very awesome human beings. And I’ve discovered all sorts of wonderful things on this journey with food and kids and life and getting older.

Life isn’t always pretty. But there are some beautiful moments out there. Like praying with a family whose loved one is dying and learning stories of how that individual impacted their lives. Like losing all the pumpkins I planted, but having volunteer pumpkins grow all around my yard and having plenty for muffins, pies and smoothies even into the winter. Like seeing my youngest daughter play flute in district honor band, my oldest lead in worship, my college student in really amazing shows, my son about to cross over from Cub Scouts into Boy Scouts. Like watching my soil grow more fertile even as I garden and take food from it! Who knew?

Thanks to a makeshift compost pile, my friends’ leaves, and my husband’s friends at Starbucks who send him home with coffee grounds, I have more fertile garden spaces. Now, I’m reading about what kind of chicken coop to build before spring!

Time flies when you’re living life! So I’m seeking to take what comes and add it to make fertilizer for the future (my future, the family’s future and the earth’s future).


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